Our Story

Organization's Mission

At SocialWell, our vision is to enable people and organizations around the world use information in their efforts to overcome challenges they face.

SocialWell seeks to provide people and organizations around the world with tools and technologies that can help them use data in their businesses, without requiring any specialized skills or help.

SocialWell seeks to design, implement, and evaluate projects to demonstrate how such tools and technologies, together with improved implementation and partnership models, can lead to better outcomes for social challenges world is facing today.

Areas of Expertise

Expertise in using mix methods in understanding and defining user requirements. Use prototypes to get quantitative and qualitative user feedback on acceptance, feasibility, and capability of products and solutions.

Experience in design and developing web applications. Development based on user requirements and expertise in Java, PHP, Python, and Ruby programming platforms.

Our team has extensively used both qualitative and quantitative data in social sector research projects. Our technologists bring big data, data warehousing, analytics, data integration expertise.

Convert web and data applications in simple and fluid mobile apps. Create awesome user experience and integrate backend technologies. Expertise in creating mobile interfaces for big data applications. Integrate IoT devices.

Experience in evaluating, selecting, design, and integrating sensors to devices, mostly to automate data collection. Working with manufacturers and vendors to bring in affordable technologies for new users.

Our Capability

Technology design, development, and implementation is our core expertise. We combine product development experience with strong understanding and experience of embedding technology in social programs.

Our Global Advisors

Our advisors provide strategic and technical inputs in product design and development for M&E360°. They also bring in domain expertise in areas of medicine, public health, management, business model, education, computing, among others, in our effort of social sector innovation design and evaluation.

Having worked and traveled in many countries, our advisors have been successful in connecting SocialWell team to many people and organizations around the world. Through this network, SocialWell has been able to discuss and seek grants for project design and development in a number of African and Asian countries.

Work Team

Competency Matrix