Why M&E360°?

Social programs of any and all sizes face multiple challenges – at supply side, at demand, and environmental challenges. Capacity varies across and within regions. In some areas, broadband net would be available, while in other, electricity is yet to reach. More importantly, we don’t have enough data to plan or we don’t know which technology may or many not work. In this uncertainty, we need to have a technology framework that can adapt to these varying requirements and constraints in which social programs run.

That means we simply couldn’t prescribe our partners use a mobile app, or SMS, or IVR for their projects. It led us to think of a platform that can enable our partners simply plug-n-play any or all of these solutions. M&E360° is that platform to overcome uncertainty to try out a new thing or two, at least or no expenses. If some project workers are unable to use mobile app, you should be able to continue paper forms for them. With M&E360°, we aim to minimize failures of ICT adoptions in social sector.

Top 10 M&E360° Features

No matter what size or stage the project you are managing is in, simple, yet powerful features M&E360° can help you start small and agile. Be it small or large, social projects today must ensure privacy and security of user data and application. And all social projects must have at minimum these features, listed in Enterprise Ready website.

M&E360° also is a much-needed break from the existing services that need you to make choice over project management, indicator-based monitoring, activity tracking, and data collections.

M&E360° also saves you the trouble of selecting whether you need to use paper, mobile app, SMS, IVR, or even IoT for collecting data in the project. Explore today.

01. Integrated Application Platform

A single and integrated platform to create and manage web, data, mobile, and desktop applications. Forms, workflows, dashboards, embedded with user-created data can easily be published across these applications.

02. Drag and Drop Forms with Validator

Create elegant, fluid, and fast forms using forms designer. Or, just drag and drop forms, custom built for select programs and regions on canvas. Give labels and validations. Link data fields to data sources for creating option and drop downs. Add validations and rules. All these are done using menu.

03. Dashboard & Report Designer

Use designer to define indicators, connect to data sources (internal and external), write queries, and use data visualizations. Create high performance dashboard and reports, with professional look and feel. Use dashboard and report links to embed in any other website. Send data visualizations as email or PDF attachment to users.

04. Web to Mobile App

You can create a new form using Web Platform and put in the Mobile App, without coding. Mobile App can emulate forms, users, workflow, permission, roles, and other things you have created in M&E360° Web Platform.

05. Desktop Sync

Data collection and sending it online remains a challenge in low resource setting areas. Desktop Sync simply syncs data and objects collected by extension workers in offline Mobile Apps.

06. Security

Role-based permissions for users. Used single sign solutions like OpenSSO. Remote application authentication and authorization. Configure file types allowed to be uploaded and downloaded. Follows secure development processes for customization.

07. Multimodal Data Collect

Extensible plug-n-play data collection through any or multiple modes – web, mobile app, desktop, SMS, and IVR. We are now working to create plug-n-play method to attach sensors deployed in field to overcome need for manual data entry.

08. Data Reuse

You can reuse drop-down lists along with data already created in forms for projects in new forms designed for surveys, for example. You can save forms and assets with data to import in other applications.

09. Data Integration

Provide open source tool to integrate data, maps, images, and other resources from open and third party sources in your application. Lets you create analytics to compare project data with external data collected through open, government projects, survey, census, etc.

10. Use Legacy Applications

No need to completely redo legacy applications and incur large expense. Let it continue to run, while M&E360° can let you do everything for the legacy applications (well, almost everything) right inside from your M&E360° website.


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