SocialWellNet is a digital platform that empowers organizations deliver better social and public services. It also helps take better decisions, by automating data collection and analysis, using SocialWellNet web and mobile apps.

Works in social projects that adopt innovative outreach and delivery

Allows organizations have superior level control over their apps.

Be able to reuse own and third-party data and content streams.



SocialWellNet is a project management app for organizations better deliver social services at the last mile.

Serve Better

It helps you run projects professionally, letting you monitor quality and timeliness of services to people.

Get Feedback

SocialWellNet connects you to the community to get their feedback digitally, so that you can make course corrections.

Work Together

SocialWellNet helps you digitally collaborate with other organizations in government, private, and nonprofit sectors.

Amplify & Grow

SocialWellNet helps your projects grow by letting you social share its progress, with your supports, donors, and communities.

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