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Rwanda GBV Monitor

Project Context

Women NGOs implement projects focusing on prevention and response to gender-based violence (GBV) projects. Globally, we have little to no data on the reach and impact of such programs being implemented by hundreds of thousands of women NGOs working at community, provincial, and national levels.

‘Rwanda GBV Monitor’ provides a GBV Case Management tool to the NGOs and agencies in Government of Rwanda. A case management tool helps NGOs, hospitals, clinics, police, and courts document reports, provide psychosocial services, and increase possibilities of resolution.

In addition, Rwanda GBV Monitor also provides aggregated data on GBV and its resolution to public and media. Aggregated data will help the public and media increase public discourse on the social challenge, while improving accountability of government agencies and NGOs.
In this project, SocialWell is working with APESEK, a national NGO in Rwanda working on GBV since 2002, as implementation partner. SocialWell has received an innovation grant from FIRE Africa in 2016 for this project.


• SocialWellNet form builder to develop forms for web and mobile case management applications.
• APIs for integration of location data and referral of cases to government agencies
• SocialWellNet dashboard and report designer