Mekong School Digital Library

Mekong School Digital Library (MSDL) is a content creation and curation platform for the citizens, researchers, educators, students, and policy makers engaged in study, advocacy, and research on the life, culture, and sustainability in and around the Mekong River Basin. MSDL is a digital library as well as a network of interested organizations and professionals.

Implementing Partners


The online library development activities were initiated with the main objective of creating a data collection centre for all knowledge and research documents relating to the Chiang Khong Conservation Group on a digital platform. The project aimed to support the design, structure, and development of the library to be more viable. Their data had been stored fragmented in many places as a printed media document, which hindered access and searchability. As a result, this online library was designed to create a more convenient and easy storage facility for accessing information.


The Solution

Content Creation

The network creates a wide range of content. Bloggers and journalists create blogs and news articles. Research and advocacy institutions publish journals where authors contribute journal articles. Photographers share their photographic creations. Film makers and video instructors create videos. MSDL provides its network a platform to create and publish such original content.


Content Curation

The Mekong School Library contains rare and limited-edition print publications, primarily in Thai language. MSDL provides access to such publications, digitized by the Mekong School Library team and volunteers.


Content Discovery

A powerful search engine lets the users search all types of content in MSDL. To narrow down the search results, users can apply various filters.


Infrastructure & Services


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