WOTR, a non-governmental organization (NGO) in India, is incubating 32 farmer producer organizations (FPOs) in the Indian states of Maharashtra, Odisha, and Rajasthan. Each FPO is providing market linkages and input supplies to their farmer members. WOTR is using SocialWell Data to register farmer members and to record demand for seed, fertilizers, pesticide, and other inputs.

Implementing Partners


FPOs were spending time and effort in collecting and collating the baseline data to feed into their business plans. A solution was needed that could enable these FPOs to collect data from their farmers and then feed the data in business plan. To create, administer, collect & analyse the data, the WOTR wanted to create a solution for both web and mobile platforms. SocialWell Data is a platform for FPOs to collect and analyse data.


The Solution

Design Surveys

A user-friendly Survey Designer helped the WOTR’s Project Manager to create and test survey forms in Hindi, Marathi, and Odia languages.


Collect Data

The forms are available in online and offline. Surveyors collected data using a Mobile App.


Report Generation

At each FPO level, SocialWell Data generates business reports based on the report templates


Infrastructure & Services


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